Memorial University of Newfoundland

Handled day-to-day technical management of the ISSF (Information System on Small-scale Fisheries) app and associated infrastructure.


Worked part-time over the course of a semester, acting as a system administrator and software developer for the ISSF (Information System on Small-scale Fisheries) app. Primarily ensured the app stayed online, and resolved a few small bugs as they arose.

Prior to that, I spent a Christmas break there working on a contract to improve the app. During that time I (among other things):

  • Rewrote the site's search functionality to be more reliable and to return more relevant results
  • Discovered and resolved a number of security issues
  • Cleaned and documented all backend code, to help future developers work on the app
  • Added native PDF generation functionality to the app, so users could download PDF reports straight from the app


System Administrator & Software DeveloperJanuary 2019 - April 2019
Backend Software DeveloperDecember 2018 - January 2019