Website & GraphQL API for recording the projects built by my friends and I.


Initially written as a project to experiment with Ent, GrackDB is a graph database modelling and tracking the wide variety of projects my friends and I have worked on, and their relationships. This database is exposed via a comprehensive, auto-generated GraphQL API, with a frontend using it built by Jack Harrhy.

Related projects

  • GrackDBot: Discord bot that allows simple querying of GrackDB from within Discord, such as adding context menu entries to look up users to identify either their associated user (for normal users), or associated project (for bots).

Resources tracked

  • Users
  • Discord accounts
  • Discord bots
  • GitHub accounts
  • GitHub organizations
  • GitHub organization memberships
  • Projects
  • Project contributors
  • Project relationships (based off, inspired by, replaces, etc.)
  • Repositories
  • Websites
  • Technologies (languages, libraries, etc.)
  • Technology usages (written in, implements, uses, etc.)