> kubectl describe project automata
Name: Automata
Summary: Discord bot for the MUN Computer Science Society Discord server.

> kubectl get services -n automata


> kubectl get project automata --output=markdown


During my time as Vice President of the MUN Computer Science Society, I lead a migration from our old Slack community to a new Discord-based community. As part of this, we ran into features that were provided by Slack, but lacking in Discord - primarily email verification, requiring a valid university email to join the server.

Enter Automata - the CS Society’s Discord bot. I initially built it to handle email verifications (by working in combination with the minimal DiscordAuth site I built to handle OAuth sign-in through Google for MUN email accounts), but it has since grown into a large multi-purpose bot that handles a wide variety of things for the society.

In addition to providing useful functionality for the society, it also acts as a teaching tool for new members joining the society who want to get more familiar with working with things like GitHub & Git. The society has held a number of workshops taking students through the process of opening a GitHub account, forking the repo, getting their own changes made & tested, and finally getting them merged back in to the main repo where everyone can use them.